We’re Ellis and Martijn. We just got married and are now traveling the world.

We call it our never-ending honeymoon, but don’t imagine rose-covered beds after five-star meals, sleeping in weeks on end and sipping champagne like there’s no tomorrow.

It’s bouncing down the bumpy roads of Africa, getting sick from street food in Asia, and spending just enough money on a hotel to have a bed.

That’s a never-ending honeymoon! 


Our Stories

Traveling the world gives you a never-ending amount of stories, now we just need to find the time to write them all down…here’s some we’ve put to paper!

Our Favourite Places in the Whole World

Our Favourite Places in the Whole World

It might just be absolutely impossible to create a definitive list of our favourite places in the world. First off, there's just so many beautiful spots we would want to add, but then there are also the very hard (and maybe – for you – very uninteresting) questions...

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The Biggest Smile We’ve Ever Seen

The Biggest Smile We’ve Ever Seen

I stand waiting near the bathroom. It’s not the bathroom I’m waiting for, I don’t even think they’re occupied. I’m waiting for Nick. Standing near the bathroom doesn’t make it look like I’m waiting for Nick. If people knew, they might force me to talk with him, and...

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Imsouane Is A Little Slice of Paradise

Imsouane Is A Little Slice of Paradise

Hey you, Let's start of with a picture of this place to get you going.  Ellis watching the surfers (there are many) And this was our guest house. We were right on top of the sea, and when it was high tide, the place was packed with surfers fighting for a wave. As you...

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Travel History

The world is a big place, here’s how much we’ve seen.




new friends

A boy, a girl, and a wedding is all you need.

You can go on your very own never-ending honeymoon. Really, it’s not that hard. All you need is someone you will love forever, your life-savings to spend on the best day of your life, and after that – somehow – some more life-savings to spend traveling the world forever and ever and ever. Find out how we’re doing it.

The People We Meet

“To see new places is a lust for the eye. To meet new people is a lust for the heart.”

Traveling the world is wonderful, but what makes it truly amazing is the people we meet. New friends, with whom we’ll make new stories. Here are some of those tales.




Our favourite places in the whole world.

(So far) 

1. Træna, Norway

A small island of the coast of Northern Norway, that is truly heavenly in all it’s splendour. We went here because Ellis volunteers as a photographer at the yearly music festival.

2. Albania

We love it when a place surprises. If you adore that too then be sure to go to Albania! The nature is jaw-dropping and diverse, and the people are the best.

3. The Gambia

‘The Smiling Coast of Africa’ is a nickname they didn’t just get, they earned it! The beaches here are beautiful, but the people are so much better still.

Travel Gallery

‘Picture, or it didn’t happen’ they say. Well, here are the pictures to show you we’ve really been to all these places.