Nature and landscape photography

Sunset at Lahemaa Parc, Estonia.

Sunrise at Jyväskilä National park, Finland.

Fluffy cotton grass blown by the wind. Sweden.

SUPing to a glacier. Norway.

Climbing a mountain on the island of Træna, Norway.

Landscape of the islands of Træna, Norway.

Sunset at a lake in Grøtvatnet, Norway.

Sunrise on our hammock in Norway.

Tjørnadalsfossen waterfall, Norway.

Glacier in Norway.

Hike in the mountains of Dukat, Albania.

Campside in Theth, Albania.

Small church in Theth, Albania.

Hiking in Permet, Albania.

Midnight sun in Nordtun, Norway.

Sea of ferns. North Norway.

Autumn hike in Bogë, Albania.

Midnight sun in Nordtun, Norway.

Glacier in Nordtun, Norway.

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