Nusa Penida, Indonesia

Camping with these guys close to virgin beach, Bali.

Reopening of the Kayon Resort Ubud, Bali.

Touring through Sidemen, Bali, with our friends Nick and  Sanjay. 

Sunset glow!

Pre-goodbye pool part with our beloved new friends in Bali, Indonesia.

Father and brother of Ellis visiting in Lombok, Indonesia, just before the lock down.

Sunrise at Candidasa, Bali, Indonesia.

Parents of Martijn visiting. Exploring Bali together. Candidasa, Indonesia.

Our friend Matts visiting us in Bali, Java, indonesia.

Visiting friends from Holland in Bali, Indonesia.

Climbing mount Batur with friends. Bali, Indonesia.

Visiting waterfalls in Bali, Indonesia.

Wandering around in Ninh Binh, Vietnam.

Gardens by the bay, Singapore.


Jewel Changi airport, Singapore.

View from chicken church close to Yogyakarta.

Yogyakarta with our cool friends from Australia.

Beach at Jogja, Indonesia.

Team photo with the charity in Bandung ‘Free and Safe Indonesia‘.

Tea plantation at Cukul, Java, Indonesia.

Sunrise at Cukul, Java, Indonesia.

Homestay Rachma, Indonesia.

Meeting family of a good friend of ours. Bogor, Indonesia.

Our friends whom we helped with their charity in Mozambique.

The loving team of Rhotia Valley. You inspired us, big time! Tanzania.

Cheers, from the swimmingpool of Rhotia Valley, Tanzania.

Good morning! Rhotia Valley, tented lodge, Tanzania.

Finally found craft beer! Happy 30th Birthday Martijn! Kigali, Rwanda.

Lake Bunyonyi, Uganda.

Dinner at Masaka, Uganda.

These guys are awesome! We spent an epic evening and night together with these Dutchies :).

Meeting with dr Tertius Venter on the Mercy Ships. Conakry, Guinea.

Touring through the city of Labé, Guinee Bissau.

Lunch at a dump yard. Labé, Guinee Bissau.

After a very long and dusty road. Labé, Guinee Bissau. 

Having the beach for ourselves on the island Bubaque, Guinee Bissau.

Our friends from the juice bar. Gunjur, the Gambia.

The team of ML foundation in Brikama, the Gambia.

This guy helped us cross our first African border by land. Hero! The Gambia. 

Our transportation in Senegal.

Visit from Ellis’ family! Marrakech, Morocco.

Breakfast at Ai Ben Haddou, Morocco. 

Ai Ben Haddou, Morocco. 

Our most welcoming hosts from in Morocco.

Sunset in Morocco.

Sunset in morocco.

Sunset in Morocco.

Sunset at our homestay in Imsouane, Morocco.

View over Imsouane, Morocco.

Couscous in his hostel “Atlanta”. Essauira, Morocco. 

View over white Athens, Greece.

Bye bye car… Thessaloniki, Greece.

Visit from Martijn’s sister! Thessaloniki, Greece.

Church in Thessaloniki, Greece.

At the top of Permet, Albania

Band photo during our hike in Permet, Albania. 

Benja thermal baths, Përmet, Albania. 

Dinner at Gjirokaster, Albania. 

Hiking in Dukat, Albania, with our friend Bjorn!

Grunasi waterfall in Theth, albania. 

Reached the Theth to Valbona peak! Albanian Alps. 

Theth to Valbona Peak, Albanian Alps.

Lunch at the Valbona peak. Albania.

View during the Theth to Valbona hike. Albania.

New friends! Homestay in Theth, Albania.

Our driver and a resident of the mountain village Theth. Albania.

Lunch in a field with shephers and sheep. Albania.

Sunset at Petrovac, Montenegro.

Sunset at Petrovac, Montenegro.

Romantic dinner at a parking lot in Italy.

Hike with the parents of Ellis, Luxembourg.

Visiting a friend in Brussels, Belgium.

Hitchhiking with a friend in Houffalize, Belgium.

Family de Frankrijker, France.


Working and having lunch in Jaunpils, Latvia.

Hiking in Soomaa National Park, Estonia. 

This family took us in house for a week! They are awesome! Tallinn, Estonia. 

Our new friend Flavio, from Mexico, living in Tallinn, Estonia.

Selfie in a mirror on a ferry in Helsinki, Finland. 

Our shadows in a tunnel in Helsinki, Finland.

The second family in Finland that took us in their house! Kuopio. 

Hiking in Jyväskylä National Park, Finland. 

The first family in Finland that took us in their house, what a surprise! Ojakylä.

Walking on a glacier in Norway with old and new friends.

Enjoying the view of a lake in Nordtun, Norway.

Lookout over Nordtun, Norway.

Hiking in Nordtun, Norway.

Driving the Øvre Årdal pass, Norway. 

Ellis is making pancakes for breakfast and Martijn is at work. Grøtvatnet, Norway. 

Tjørnadalsfossen waterfall, Norway. 

Very good friends, and the first family that took us in their home. Sogndal, Norway. 

Camping at a cave. Sogndal, Norway. 

Wandering around on the hills of Sogndal, Norway. 

Dancing at our wedding, Leersum, the Netherlands.

Where it all started, our engagement ring, made out of a Pastel de Nata aluminium cup. Portugal.  

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